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Cloud Apps Services

Implement the Future Today

Innovative technology, the cornerstone giving your company an edge. And without proper market research of what new technology is available, you’re falling behind. The benefits Cloud technology provides are hard to ignore. We’ll help you understand why it’s so useful. Trinetica provides you with optimal tools for your Cloud desires - we deploy multiple models that appeal to the distinctive, individualized needs of your business.
How Does Cloud Apps Services Help My Business?
Flexibility Depending on Use

Cloud-based services are suited for businesses with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands. Scaling up and down is simple, just increase or decrease your cloud capacity.
Increased Data Security

Your business acquires large amounts of data, some very sensitive to success. Previously, losses of PCs or laptops containing this data were devastating. Leave the headache in the past, The Cloud stores your data online making this issue an afterthought.
Automated Software Updates

Businesses spending time on routine software maintenance are losing productivity. The Cloud provides software and security updates that are routinely rolled out, allowing you to focus on what matters - your business.
Work from Anywhere

With internet connection, your business can access information stored in the cloud from any device and location. Provide your business the flexibility to work from beyond the office.
Cost Efficiency

Deplete the high cost of hardware. Thus, decreasing the amount spent in your IT budget leading to increased funds for expansion.
Improved Collaboration of Your Workforce

The Cloud allows sharing of information to be easier than ever. Your team will possess the ability to meet virtually and share information in real time. Improve product development, customer service and reduce time-to-market with The Cloud.
What Are The Types of Cloud Apps Services Available?
Cloud Apps services include:
  • Network and Server Monitoring
  • Networks and server security is a constant battle. Our network monitoring system provides reliable security and will alert the network administrator in the cases of outages or trouble. Trinetica’s customers are assured they’re delivered premier protection against both internal and external threats with the latest software and drivers.

  • AntiVirus and AntiSpam
  • The threat of malware, phishing and spam never subside. Your IT system requires 24/7 service for optimal protection. We are aware of this. Our around the clock like service provides prospective clients confidence that our team will partner with you and prevent these threats. Trinetica’s service isn’t a one stop shop either, we’ll continue to update our software for the latest technology to protect your network.

    Cloud Models available:
  • Private Clouds
  • These are tailored to your organization. We’ll use on-site datacenters to provide security and maximum individual control. If your company has dynamic or unpredictable computing needs that entail direct control over their environments, private clouds are for you.

  • Public Clouds
  • Unlike private clouds, these use cheaper offsite datacenters. You pay for what you consume and there are no wasted resources. The downside being there isn’t nearly as much control in comparison to private clouds.

  • Hybrid Clouds
  • As suggested by the name, these utilize a combination of features from public and private clouds. The mixture employs the cost saving features of public clouds while including the centralized data and control within private clouds.