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Microsoft Dynamics SL


Microsoft Dynamics SL is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed for project-based small and medium-sized businesses. Dynamics SL delivers accounting and business management software for organizations that are project-driven. Furthermore, if your business includes manufacturing - Microsoft Dynamics SL has integrated manufacturing software tools available. Trinetica’s ERP Solutions through Microsoft SL combine powerful project and financial management capabilities for an array of industries. Let us assist your business in managing customer demands, keep up with compliance regulations, and deliver services on time and on budget.
Business Benefits

Dynamics SL includes flexible, easy to use customization tools, eliminating the need to budget for extensive development. As with all Dynamics products, it’s possible to integrate with other applications via web services and Microsoft.Net Framework for increased accessibility, too.
Quick Report Access

Dynamics SL produces real time report data at your fingertips. Understand your data and implement it for business improvement. Trinetica’s Microsoft SL Solutions transform your data into business intelligence, more significant than just numbers or words.
Project Management & Support

Dynamics SL two-way integration with Microsoft Project Services provides you with real time data for all your projects. Additionally, our SL Solutions are designed to support companies struggling with: tracking costs, managing budgets, time and expense reporting, and understanding billing statements.
24/7 Remote Access & Easy Sharing

Keep your projects progressing with web access from anywhere at any time, ditching piles of unwanted paper, and increasing collaboration with easy sharing. Don’t limit yourself to just the office setting, set up a project, create budgets, assign resources or approve transactions from anywhere.