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OSM Pro, a product of Trinetica LLC, is a flexible dispatch, order tracking, and account application designed around the petroleum industry. OSM Pro was first launched in 2012 and is currently on its second revision. Future revisions may come at later dates. User manuals for future revisions can be found at http://www.osmpro.com/manual.pdf.

Throughout this manual we will discuss several options that will complete the same task. OSM’s flexibility will allow the software to conform to your business process without having to change your organizations everyday routines for the software to function.

Other options of OSM Pro may or may not be used by your organization. These sections can be turned off using the security features of OSM. OSM Pro is a SaaS application. A SaaS application does not require any additional internal servers or hardware for the application to run. It also allows for future updates to automatically push to computers running OSM Pro. To view future release dates and features please visit http://www.osmpro.com/releases.html

Since OSM Pro is constantly expanding the user manual will also continue to grow. As new features of OSM Pro are released a new release of the user manual will also be published. Occasionally the user manual may have sections that are left blank. This is due to a pending upgrade to OSM Pro that may not be rolled out. The section will contain Red Text Stating This Section Left Blank.
Business Benefits
Improved Visibility

Be aware of processes, transactions and other activities occurring in your business. Eliminate the guessing game. OSM Pro offers your company the luxury of projecting future earnings and accurate forward planning. Don’t be caught off guard, growth requires a subsequent plan for sustained success.

Reduce downtime and increase productivity for a more efficient operation. Efficiency is about making the best possible use of resources, that’s what OSM provides.
Automation of Business Processes

Eliminate manual, time consuming costly tasks within your organization and replace them with automated processes that work faster. OSM Pro will reduce redundancy in tasks and overall operating costs, additionally, OSM provides the capability to streamline communication for further efficiency.

Business integration is driving present day organizations, proving to be a key catalyst for their growth. Businesses lacking proper integration features suffer from significant cost increases and unnecessary resource consumption. We’re here to help. OSM Pro provides capabilities to leverage your existing processes, people, technology, and information to stay ahead of the competition.