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Professional Services

Use Our Expertise for Your Gain

Our professional services provide more than simply handing out advice, we assist in the implementation of various degrees. Some examples include Server and Workstation Implementation, Network Migration, Wireless Office, Building to Building Networking and many more. With our services your company will leverage technology, increase productivity and become a rapidly budding success.
How Does Professional Services Help My Business?
Quick Fixes for Emergencies

Our Professional Services provide your company constant access to our team. If an emergency strikes there isn’t reason to fret, our team is on it.
Client or Customer Data Security

Your company handles customer/client information that if tampered with or leaked, would be devastating. The stolen identity of a customer gives grounds for possible lawsuits and a damaged image of your company. Trinetica will assist by being your personal CIO, mitigating financial risks and growing your business.
Process Improvement

Trinetica will search for ways to improve your technology-related policies. We work with your IT department and various others to pinpoint the computer related requirements of the entire company.
Improved IT Budgeting

Budgets are difficult to create, not to mention follow. IT spending is an investment in your organization’s future, we see this as personal finance planning. Our expertise will create the optimal, individualized budget for your IT essentials while adding additional funds through saved capital resources.
What Are The Type of IT Services Available?
Professional services include:
  • Off-Site Support
  • We offer off-site support for increased flexibility. This will occur from our office in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Technologies used include:

  • Live Communication Services
  • Remote Desktop
  • VNC
  • Terminal Services
  • WebEx

  • Off-site support is convenient and secure for us and you. These are effective means of business in emergency situations that require instant support. We can work anytime from any location using these services. Our technology has the capability to make your machines viewable to use for quick troubleshooting and fix problems.

  • On-Site Support
  • Trinetica also includes on-site support for more complex situations. These aren’t as common, but here is what we offer:

  • On-site Emergencies
  • Monthly Contract Visits
  • Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance