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Custom Software Development

Create Software Tailored to Your Needs

Custom software development is used for companies that have unique business processes that aren’t compatible with generic technology products. Trinetica provides experience in the development of an array of software products ranging from various environments, devices and client requirements. Our team will produce software tailored to your company’s desires to increase productivity, decrease downtime and stimulate growth. Realize the untapped potential of your company by choosing us as your trusted IT partner.
How Does Software Development Services Help My Business?
Competitive Advantage

We can help differentiate yourself from your competition. Your company will carry out processes others aren’t capable of doing with Trinetica’s software solutions. Create your own brand through us.
Increased Flexibility of Software

Off-the-shelf software packages lack the ability to add or delete features. This doesn’t satisfy your companies evolving needs. Trinetica will be your lifeline for continuous evolution. Our custom software development services provide excellent attention to detail, never allowing a software requirement not to be achieved.
Ability to Integrate with Existing Software

In certain situations, companies may need additional features not available in off-the-shelf software. The problem being these generic pieces of software don’t interact well with others, or at all. Trinetica will create custom software including the ability to efficiently interact with existing software.
Constant Maintenance

When choosing other software products - your company is at the mercy of the developing company. Discontinued updating of the selected product or bankruptcy of the company could spell disaster. With Trinetica, there is no need to worry whether or not your software will be maintained during our partnership.
Scalability of Software

As your business expands, you need a product that responds accordingly. Trinetica’s software services provide support during expansion when your software is becoming outdated or overwhelmed. Don’t cheap out on inexpensive, ample software products for today, your business’ vision is concerned about tomorrow.
Protection from External Threats

Commonly-used software packages possess well-known vulnerabilities. Trinetica’s custom software dilutes the capability of hackers to intrude on business information. In the instance of a vulnerability the only parties aware are your company and our team to quickly fix the issue.
What Are The Types of Software Services Available?
Software Development services include:
  • Mobile and Web Applications
  • The office setting has changed. Not only does your business require access to technological resources in the office, but also from multiple areas on varying platforms. The same goes for your customers. The ease of making purchases, placing orders and requesting customer service with minimal delay is expected. Between our web development, mobile application and other forms of programming experience, we provide your team and valued customers with smartphone applications for added convenience and flexibility

  • Application Integration
  • Businesses quickly realize the continuous updating nature of operating systems and software. Applications require the same amount of attention. Without critical applications your business quickly becomes dysfunctional. It’s easy to become frustrated and confused, that’s where we come in. We have the ability to modify IT systems put in place and develop software or hardware solutions as a cost-efficient alternative to acquiring new, expensive software.

  • Database Applications
  • Big data is becoming increasingly popular to reveal patterns, trends and associations. With your business sending and receiving massive amounts of data on a daily basis, proper storage is paramount. Our intelligent database solutions allow your team to sift through data and increase productivity by dwindling idle time searching for pertinent information. By means of our applications, through industry standard best practices, your data won’t be misplaced, manipulated, or damaged.