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Get to know the elements of successful business practice

Raise efficiency, cut downtime, and keep your projects on time!

We provide unique and tailored solutions for various industries!


Our solutions empower much more than ERP, CRM and business intelligence.

It's the people. At Trinetica, our unique approach not only creates innovative technology, the interactions between people are what we don't lose sight of. Technology may be the product, but people are the innovators.

Managed IT

Continued operations are critical to your company’s success, particularly in the field of IT.

Trinetica handles regular system maintenance and provides ample IT support for your business. Our IT plans allow your company to continue operations while at less of an expense than internal tech support and still having the same experience, knowledge and access.

Software Development

Consistent, speedy software have a direct impact on your company’s success and ability to grow.

Trinetica has experience in the development of an array of software products ranging from various environments, devices and client requirements. Whatever your business’ software need, our team can fulfill it to the slightest of detail.


Technology Consulting

Trinetica can guide your company to the most cost-effective and sophisticated IT solutions.

With our consulting, your company will enhance business operations and productivity while reducing maintenance costs. Our years of practice through companies ranging from large to small, local to global gives us confidence we possess the solution for you.

Professional Services

Our clients demand extensive amounts of professional services, and that’s what Trinetica provides.

This ranges from Server and Workstation Implementation, Network Migration, Wireless Office and Building to Building Networking, Video and Telephonic Services, and Microsoft Exchange and Office365 Upgrade/Migration.

Cloud Apps

Cloud apps are the future of technology.

Many companies aren’t implementing this useful innovation and should be doing so. Trinetica will enlighten you on why the cloud is worthwhile. Accessibility and censorship, we can give you both, Trinetica has the capability to install private, public or hybrid clouds.


Our company delivers solutions that drive business results every minute!

Building solutions for better business

We have all had bad experiences, bad implementation, bad support... from that we decided there had to be a better way and we set out to change how technology companies interact with their clients.

Our team consists of experienced personnel in development of complex solutions for its customers - implementation of concepts for: data security, corporate and virtual private networks, databases and software development.

Since 2011, we've created modern software products for business management - based on Client/Server, Internet/Intranet technology solutions, in accordance with the leading world standards in the field of IT.

Our vision is to transform your business through the use of innovative technology. Your company's success is what drives our business and sustains Trintetica's lofty reputation of creating quality products. We assist clients throughout the country, providing them with Dynamics 365, ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence solutions. Our team can do the same for you. Your business' growth is the objective, and we'll vigorously create until all your goals are achieved.

Business strategies designed for provision of the highest quality services

News & events

Southwestern Energy Conference

We were very please to be summoned and visit with SWN over the last week. Great conversations and we plan to move forward with a new version of OSM Pro. Meeting all the needs required by the Energy Companies.

Also very nice to be able to stop and see our current clients in the Arkansas Area.

Morgan Distribution Signs On

Trinetica welcomes, new client Morgan Distribution. We look forward to being able to make a difference with you and your company.

Trinetica Leases New Office Space

Through our founding we have always been proud to be able to employee people in the local area.

We are pleased to annouce that we have moved to a new office with greater room to grow.